Home health care for covid 19 patients

If any of your loved ones is suffering from covid 19, ask yourself do you know what are some recommendations for covid 19 patient’s caregivers? If no, don’t consider caring for them yourself because it may risk your loved one’s life as well as yours.

home health care for covid 19 patients

Does Home Health Care services available for Covid 19 patients?

We all know well what is home health care for elderly. But, the question arises; do these agencies also offer health care services for the covid 19 patients?

In this current COVID-19 pandemic, all the home health care agencies are proffering specialized health care service experts. All of them are trained enough to care for the covid 19 patients as the normal person or family member can’t do it the right way.

People usually say that the patient with the mild covid 19 symptoms can be nursed well at home, if healthy. But, this disease is so unpredictable. Even if your loved one who is suffering from covid is healthy, you must consider professional help in this regard.

The covid 19 patient caregivers from reputed agencies know the ways to care for the patient the right way. Moreover, they also know how to keep themselves at a safe end. Usually, when the people choose to give care themselves to the patients, they themselves get the disease & the reason behind is lack of knowledge.

What are some recommendations for covid 19 patient’s caregivers?

If you are covid 19 patient caregiver, here you are at the right place. Here are a few important things you must know. Let’s get to it.

Consider worsening signs timely

Even if your patient has mild symptoms, you need to keep a 24/7 check for the worsening signs, which may include, breathing trouble, intense pain in the chest, bluish body or face, arousing inability, etc.

If you see any of the above-listed signs, it means that they need immediate medical attention further. You might consider shifting them to the hospital or proffer them the treatment at home immediately if you have the required equipment & medications ready.

Prevent the spread of germs

If you are a caregiver, it might be possible that both of you are sharing the same space. The reason is that monitoring the health of covid 19 patients 24/7 is essential. In this scenario, keep in mind a few things:

  • Designate some personal space for the patient away from other people. Keep enough distance with yourself too.
  • Don’t share personal things like bed, dishes, soaps, towels, etc. When you make a contact, make sure you are wearing gloves & a mask properly.
  • After use, everything should be disinfected immediately to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Last but not the least, don’t allow visitors to meet or make any kind of contact with the patient.

Know when to isolate & when to end isolation

Yes! This is very important that you know when to start & when to end isolation. Isolation definitely should be started when you observe symptoms, even without seeing a test report.

On the other hand, don’t end isolation without 2 negative test reports in a row. But, when you know your patient is fine, give them some time to socialize. The reason is that unnecessary isolation can further affect their health.

Now you know what are some recommendations for covid 19 patient’s caregivers. But, how to find home health care for elderly especially for the covid 19 patients? Just click here & get to know the answers to all of your queries.