how much does private home care cost

What is home health care for elderly? It is providing care to aging adults to give them a happy & healthy life within their own comfortable space. It is fulfilling the needs of aging seniors with an empowering & positive approach to bring them a life they dream of to celebrate independence & off course dignity. But how much does private home care cost? Let us discuss it in a bit detailed view.

How much does private home care cost?

How much does private home care cost?

When it comes to the cost of hiring home health care services, it may be a bit shocking for a lot of people out there. But, when you look at its benefits, you feel a bit relaxed.

The best recommendation for you is to try out different agencies before hiring the permanent one. How is it possible? When you hire home health care services for elderly, you must have the basic knowledge i.e. how to choose a reliable company, what factors to consider & above all, how to compare the cost of different available agencies.

In this regard, you must know in advance how these agencies charge or what factors impact their charges so you can try out more than one to hire one permanently.

1. Hourly Rates for home health care services

Hourly rates don’t signify it has to start from 9 and end at 5. It may be any time of the day, evening, or night. If you leave your elders at home for a short time (like 2 or 3 hours), this is the best option. Also, you can test the service quality too this way before permanent hiring.

2. Daily Rates for home health care services

This is the simplest option that you require services for the entire day as you are away so the agency charges it accordingly. Your requirements & location will determine the daily rates for sure.

3. Overnight Rates for home health care services

This may be required for the elders who feel difficulty in going to bathrooms or suffering from diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer so may wander away at night. The purpose of these services is to provide support & safety throughout the night. 

4. Customized package rates for home health care services

A few agencies may offer you a facility of a customized package if you need to hire home health care services for the elderly permanently like for a year or two. It is comparatively the most reasonable option when compared to the three listed above.

The factor that impacts the cost for home health care services

Several factors may affect the cost of home health care services & you must know all before hiring an agency.

  • The first factor that affects the cost is time. If you require the services for weekends, holidays, or at night, the agency will charge higher rates.
  • The second factor that may increase your cost is the requirement of additional services from the client. If you need special services for your elders, the hourly rates will increase.
  • The third factor that may affect the cost is the change in your location. If you choose to change the location for whatever reason, the rates may be increased.

The last thing to mention here is that the costs of home health care services differ from state to state & also it depends on your requirements. How to find home health care for elderly within your budget?

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